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The FEM Elevating Equipment Product Group was formed in 2004. The current members are the national associations of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and United Kingdom, and their manufacturing members, engaged in the design and manufacture of:

Dock Levellers; Lift tables; Tail lifts for vehicles


  • Promoting and encouraging free communication between members and users of the products on all matters relating to the design, manufacture, supply and service of the products covered.
  • Encouraging technical progress and safety in the field of the products.
  • Harmonisation of legislation, standardisation and testing procedures at International and European levels to facilitate free trade.
  • Assisting and advising relevant authorities, at national and European level, on all matters concerning the products covered


  • Produce guidance documents to assist manufacturers, specifiers and users to select, use, service and maintain equipment in the safest way possible.
  • Promote the use of CEN standards and encourage all stakeholders to actively engage in the drafting process.
  • Evaluate and discuss all existing and proposed legislation that may impact on the design and use of equipment.
  • Monitor proposals for new national regulations which would restrict the free movement of equipment.
  • Promote the provision of effective market surveillance in all EU member states to prevent non-compliant equipment entering the EU market.

Technical documents

FEM 11.001 Thorough examination of lift tables (5th edition) 02/2019
FEM 11.002 Thorough examination of dock levellers (4th edition) 02/2019
FEM 11.003 Safety on-around a vehicle loading area (2nd edition) 02/2019
FEM 11.004 Guidance on dock leveller selection (2nd edition) 12/2017
FEM 11.005 Vehicle restraining devices: safety and performance 06/2015
FEM 11.006 Ways to save energy in a Vehicle Loading Dock Area 10/2018
FEM 11.007 Standards summary 02/2019

In addition, the following CEN technical standards are relevant to elevating equipment:

EN 1570-1:2011+A1:2014 Safety requirements for Lifting Tables
EN 1398:2009 Safety requirements for Dock Levellers
EN 1756-1:2001 Platforms lifts for mounting on wheeled vehicles – safety requirements – part 1: tail lifts for goods
EN 1756-2:2004 Platforms lifts for mounting on wheeled vehicles – safety requirements – part 2: tail lifts for passengers

Active companies

EE Edmolift EE Hormann EE Loading Systems
EE Meyer Tonndorf EE RiteHite EE Stertil


France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and UK

John Meale, President

John Meale

Rob Oliver, Secretary General
Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment, UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 8253 4504
Email: rob[dot]oliver[at]admin[dot]co[dot]uk