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The European Racking Federation (ERF) is the FEM Racking and Shelving Product Group and represents the interests of manufacturers of these products across Europe. Most of our Members are National Associations in their own countries with many Manufacturers and Distributors; some smaller countries hold memberships as Individual companies.


  • To represent, promote and protect the interests of European racking, shelving and related products industry.
  • To establish sources of information and encourage and develop best practice.
  • To facilitate European discussion about technical, commercial and economic aspects of storage equipment.


  • To encourage European collaboration on the development of standards, quality, technical advice, and research into racking and shelving.
  • To publish a range of studies and documents promoting better design and utilisation of storage equipment.
  • To encourage networking across the industry through meetings, Working Groups, and a range of contacts.


Technical documents

ERF has been active in producing a range of FEM and European Codes on the design and development of racking and shelving. These include general Codes for the industry and Worked Examples to help Engineers interpret the Codes. Specific Codes for shelving, drive in and cantilever racking have also been published. A full list of the codes available can be found on the website: www.fem-rands.org/publications 

Position papers and press releases

ERF publishes Technical Bulletins, which address issues for the industry and is currently considering the implications of quality certification. The website: www.fem-rands.org includes relevant bulletins and press releases. Members and Working Groups are provided with access to a document database of relevant materials through a separate area of the ERF website.


The Product Group operates through an Annual General Meeting, Management Board and Working Groups considering specific aspects of racking or shelving.

Eugen Talmann , President
Colin Hinton, Secretary General
Tel: +44 1462 454 296