TechnologyMaterials handling equipment contains complex high technology. Technology is the core element of our innovation and a key component of our competitiveness. The regulatory framework in which our companies operate has a considerable impact on their ability to innovate.

At EU level, this notably means that:

  • regulatory requirements which only apply in the EU should not mobilise undue R&D resources, which could alternatively be used on other potentially more competitively strategic issues;
  • EU legislators must provide regulatory predictability and stability to enable R&D investment planning.

FEM makes sure that decision-makers are constantly reminded of these principles, whether in the context of general or specific policies.

Key message
Regulation should neither prevent nor limit technological innovations


Standardisation policy

FEM is one of 16 co-founders of INGRESS – the INdustry GRoup on European Standardisation Strategy. Since FEM, its members and Product Groups are heavily involved in standardisation work, FEM believes it is important to ensure that industry’s interests are well promoted and defended in the framework of European standardisation policy. INGRESS aims at ensuring that standardisation remains an industry-driven process.

The platform’s activities are notably related to the application of Regulation EU 1025/2012 on European standardisation.


Industrial Policy

FEM monitors developments and, when appropriate, takes part in discussions on EU industrial policy. This provides an opportunity to put technology at the core of some general issues such as Industrial Product Policy, Competitiveness Drivers, Smart Regulation or the Re-industrialisation of Europe.