Intellectual property

Intellectual propertyFEM companies invest heavily in providing technical innovative solutions, thereby preserving their competitiveness both in the EU and on global markets. To allow our industry to continue growing and staying innovative, intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademarks and patents should be unified across Europe and undeniably protected both in the EU and on foreign markets.

Therefore, FEM supports an EU-wide comprehensive system that focuses on fighting counterfeiting and ensuring a better enforcement of intellectual property rights. It is also essential that customs authorities in the EU closely cooperate with third countries and the industry, with the aim of preventing the trade of goods that infringe intellectual property rights.

Key message
>>>   Our innovation must be protected in Europe and beyond


Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights

On 1 July 2014 the European Commission issued a Communication on “Towards a renewed consensus on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: An Action Plan”. This initiative puts forward a ten-point action plan aimed at dissuading and addressing commercial-scale IP infringements at both EU and national levels. The overall focus is on finding adequate and effective measures to improve awareness of and compliance with IPR by all economic actors.

This Action Plan is complemented by a Strategy for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries.

On 9 June 2015, the European Parliament adopted non-legislative resolutions on both the Commission Action Plan and the Strategy for the protection and enforcement of IPR in third countries.