Mobile elevating work platforms

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The Product Group covers all types of mobile elevating work platforms:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Self-propelled booms lifts
  • Vehicle-mounted platforms
  • Trailer push-around
  • Vertical personnel platforms
  • Insulated aerial devices



The Product Group works on various projects:

– Development of European market statistics exchange
Study of accidents occurring with MEWPs
Regulatory issues, e.g. Machinery Directive, Outdoor Noise Directive, Exhaust emissions from non-road mobile machinery Directive


Guides for the identification of non-compliant MEWPs

The Product Group has issued guidelines to assess compliance of MEWPs with requirements covering engine exhaust emissions, diesel engine compliance, noise emissions and warning & marking.

Version 2012/2013
Dutch; German; French; Espanol; Italian

Version 2016

Other guidance

See the publications page



The Product Group consists of 11 companies and 6 national committees.




Luisa Parisotto (Terex), President




Harald Fries, Secretariat (IPAF)
Tel: +41 (0)61 227 9000
Email: Harald[dot]Fries[at]ipaf[dot]org