FEM for Corporates

FEM for Corporates

To further develop how our association can create value for our industry and increase our impact, FEM is pleased to present a new proposal, ‘FEM for Corporates’. This proposal aims to help you as a company to grow your influence, network, and visibility.

What does this offer?
A unique corporate network for manufacturers to connect, access valuable insights and influence the EU agenda. By joining this network, you strengthen your ability to impact the policy landscape.

Why is this important?
With a fast-moving landscape, companies need to stay on top of the issues shaping their business. By fostering collaboration and engaging proactively with the European policymaking process, you can stay ahead of the game and strengthen your position for the future.

In a nutshell, how can this benefit you?

  • Influence: Shape the agenda on strategic issues impacting the materials handling industry, receiving support on EU legislation and gaining access to the advocacy process.
    Network: Exclusive engagement with high-level EU-officials and networking opportunities with fellow companies, stakeholders, and policymakers.
    Visibility: Exposure on FEM’s website with additional opportunities to showcase your company across FEM’s social media channels and in campaigns.

Please note, FEM for Corporates includes the Advertising Package that was launched in 2020 which provides additional exposure and outreach for companies.

More information HERE

If you are interested in availing of this offer and would like to further discuss, please do not hesitate to contact FEM secretariat (info@fem-eur.com)