The Machinery Directive is still fit for purpose

FEM has submitted its first position paper on the evaluation of the Machinery Directive to the European  Commission and the consultant in charge of the evaluation study. FEM generally assesses the Machinery Directive as a piece of legislation which continues to be fit for purpose, relevant and effective.

More specifically, the paper emphasizes that the MD has largely contributed to ensuring a high level of health and safety for machinery users and facilitating free movement of machinery in the internal market. The uncontested benefits of the Directive are the essential health and safety requirements laid down in Annex I, the possibility to self-certify equipment to demonstrate conformity and the use of European harmonised standards which enable the compliance with the MD requirements.

Bearing this in mind, FEM does not support a complete revision of the Machinery Directive. Any possible adaptations made to the Directive must be proportionate to preserve the current stable legal framework that the Machinery Directive provides, particularly iregarding its essential health and safety requirements.

The position paper can be read in full in the ‘General Publications’ section (Position Papers).