Outdoor noise: let go of third-party certification

In the context of the public consultation on the review of the Outdoor Noise Directive (OND), FEM has submitted its position paper to the European Commission.

So far, the OND has brought minor benefits to the European material handling industry and it has negatively impacted on its competitiveness. Furthermore, positive impacts on the health of citizens and environment have been limited to a certain extent

Therefore, FEM calls on the European Commission to consider noise emissions in relation to the overall legislative environment where many different requirements apply to the same product. This not only poses technical challenges but it also monopolises R&D resources. In this context, FEM believes that the Internal Market objective of the OND can be achieved at a lower cost for equipment manufacturers. For example, self-certification should be possible for all types of equipment, and the database and reporting obligation should be abolished.

Besides proposals for changes, FEM requests stability of the legislative framework: keeping the current scope and noise limits, but also the current labelling requirements.

For further details on the FEM recommendations in view of the OND review, the full position paper is available in the section General Publication (“Position papers”)