Outdoor Noise Directive: limited changes through Delegates Act are sufficient

FEM provided its feedback on the two policy options that are currently considered by the European Commission for the next steps of the Outdoor Noise Directive (OND): either a delegated act (DA) to amend measurement methods in Annex III or the full revision of the Directive.

FEM prefers the option of revising Annex III, through a DA, rather than a full revision of the OND which would entail a major and disproportionate impact on manufacturers. Indeed, a full revision could result in changes in scope and the review of noise limits, in addition to the modification of measurement methods which could be addressed by the delegated act alone. The option of the DA would have the following uncontested benefits:

  • Quicker and easier adoption of the DA rather than revising the entire OND via the legislative process – a delegated act can also more swiftly address the current concern of outdated measurement methods bringing them up in line with current technological progress
  • No impact on current noise limits or change of the scope in a disproportionate or unjustified manner compared to a full revision which would bear these risks
  • The opportunity to use specific European standards as measurement methods which are also currently used for the MD.

More information about the FEM position paper can be found HERE.