Non-compliance costs and needs better enforcement

Last October FEM supported the Orgalime contribution and position paper on “market surveillance: enforcement and compliance”. The European Commission has now published the results of this consultation, which have been aggregated to reflect trends in the way stakeholders responded to the questions. For instance, a wide majority of business stakeholders confirmed that their products are… Read more »

FEM confirms the positive impact of the Machinery Directive

In the context of the ongoing study on the review of the Machinery Directive, FEM submitted its contribution to the European Commission’s public consultation and also to the questionnaire targeted to industry associations in mid-December 2016. FEM confirmed that the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has had an overall positive impact over the last ten years, significantly… Read more »

FEM against Ecodesign requirements for displays integrated in machinery

FEM participated in the public consultation on the draft Ecodesign measure on electronic displays As part of the better regulation agenda, the EU launches public consultation on draft legislation, such as the draft Ecodesign implementing measure on electronic displays. In a nutshell, FEM requests the full exclusion of all displays integrated and to be integrated… Read more »

FEM contributes to the evaluation of market surveillance in Europe

FEM submitted its input on a survey developed by Ernst & Young (E&Y) on the evaluation of the market surveillance provisions laid down in the Regulation (EC) No 765/2008. This evaluation seeks to perform a comparative analysis of the application of the market surveillance provisions in the regulation, across the 28 Member States, and to assess… Read more »