New technical guide on the energy consumption of intralogistic systems

The FEM Intralogistic Systems Product Group has published technical guidance on how to calculate, measure and evaluate the energy consumption of intralogistic systems and material handling equipment.

This technical guidance is a methodical approach to quantifying the energy consumption of intralogistic systems during the use phase. It addresses complete intralogistic systems, and also most of their material handling components, such as conveyors, sorting systems, shuttle cranes and stacker cranes.

The methodologies allow manufacturers to calculate in advance the energy consumption of intralogistic modules and components, measure their energy consumption and, finally, evaluate the consumption of a system model and actual installed systems.

This technical guidance is applicable to a wide variety of intralogistic systems, ranging from automated storage in warehouses to airport baggage handling and parcel sorting. It has been designed for planners, manufacturers and purchasers of intralogistic systems.

The document (FEM document 9.865) is only available in English, at the following link.

The whole list of FEM Technical Guidance Documents is available on the dedicated page of the FEM website.