Industry needs harmonised road circulation requirements for mobile machinery

FEM together with CECE (construction equipment), CEMA (agricultural machinery), EGMF (garden equipment), and EUnited Municipal Equipment, as part of the informal Inter-Task Force (ITF) Road Circulation, has published today a joint position paper which highlights the industry’s objectives and recommendations on harmonisation of requirements for mobile machinery occasionally travelling on public roads. Our industries welcome the European Commission’s commitment to address the issue of non-harmonisation of road circulation requirements across the Member States, via a future proposal (expected by the end of 2017/early 2018). The position paper points out that the industry’s goal is to achieve a single approval allowing road circulation authorisation for mobile machinery in all Member States, without further national technical requirements. Furthermore, the industry provides suggestions regarding the approval process which includes four distinct columns with safety aspects that are relevant to mobile machinery.

The industries within ITF Road Circulation will have the opportunity to restate the messages in this joint position at the upcoming Road Circulation workshop on 14 June.

FEM position