FEM views on sustainability requirements for batteries

The materials handling industry covers various types of equipment, both stationary and mobile, powered by batteries. Besides the equipment, our industry also manufactures battery packs for mobile applications, such as shuttles, cranes and lift trucks.

Several types of equipment may be impacted by future measure, FEM has issued its views on possible requirements addressing sustainability aspects of batteries.

First, our industry calls for a strong battery value chain in Europe and better access to R&D funding to maintain our competitiveness.

Besides limiting unfair competition and addressing the transport issue, we support ethical sourcing of raw materials and better protection of workers at global level.

Most battery applications in the material handling sector are developed in Europe: therefore, any performance requirements should not stifle innovation. On the contrary, any measure should accelerate it to strengthen the European global leadership position.

Finally, European manufacturers fully support the recycling of batteries, which must be tackled at the design stage of the equipment.

The full position paper is available under the General Publications’ section (Position Papers).