FEM position on the revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive

FEM position on the revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive

FEM submitted its contribution on the revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive (OND) in anticipation of the Commission’s Staff Working Document on its conclusions and assessment regarding the evaluation of the OND.

FEM acknowledges the need for a revision of the OND to bring it in line with technological developments in the noise sector and requirements in other pieces of EU legislation. The position paper depicts FEM’s views on the key aspects of the OND (scope, noise limits, test codes, the database and the noise label), and puts forward some recommendations relating to these aspects for the future Outdoor Noise Regulation.

In short, FEM pointed out the following messages:

  • the need for an alignment of the OND with the New legislative Framework;
  • including self-certification as a conformity assessment procedure for both equipment in Articles 12 and 13;
  • keeping the current scope of the OND;
  • allowing updates of measurements methods (whenever standards are revised) to be referenced in a Delegated Act instead of the Regulation itself;
  • last but not least, keeping the current noise label, but removing the database.

The position paper also includes in the annexes product specific tables to describe the FEM’s types of equipment impacted by the OND, and provide an analysis of the environmental and economic impacts of changes in noise limits, as well as the FEM proposals in terms of both the limits and the test codes.

The full text of the position paper is available in ‘Position Papers’, under ‘Publications’.