FEM Manifesto: supporting the digital transformation of the materials handling industry

We are pleased to present the FEM Manifesto. With this document we highlight the conditions required for enabling and supporting the digital transformation of the materials handling industry.

The materials handling industry is undergoing a profound digital transformation. This transformation expands business opportunities and offers new possibilities for developing innovative solutions to better respond to customer needs and address societal trends. As the same time, new skills, education, investments, and infrastructures are required to explore emerging markets and implement innovative business models.

Directly impacting our sector, the logistics eco-system and its equipment providing industry is undergoing a transformation due to the introduction of digital technologies and services addressing complex delivery issues in a globalised supply chain. The COVID-19 crisis has increased this trend with higher demand and increased expectations regarding transparency and speed of delivery for consumers.

To retain leadership at international level, the European materials handling industry must fully embrace the digital world. In doing so, it requires the full support of public authorities.

Complementary of the FEM Strategic Vision 2020-2025, the Manifesto outlines technological and market trends, and sets out the requirements for a supportive regulatory and R&D framework. Together, these will create the right conditions for our companies to further develop their global competitiveness and employment. 

Download the Manifesto.