FEM celebrates International Women’s Day

We are proud to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March as a special opportunity to shine the spotlight on women working in the materials handling industry, highlighting unique experiences and expertise, and what led them on this career path.

We share with you the story of Luisa Parisotto, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Officer at Genie/Terex AWP, as well as an active expert in FEM, highlighting her key role and motivation in shaping our industry!

What is your current job title and responsibilities?

I’m the Senior Regulatory and Compliance Manager at Genie/Terex AWP. In my role, I deal with regulators and stakeholders, following the development of global legislative and standardisation requirements for our products, actively advocating towards the desired industry positions. Within my company, I report and communicate new requirements and drive our position in global standardisation arenas. I communicate with management to take informed strategic decisions for the business.

What initially interested you, and led you to this industry?

There were some circumstances that led me to this world which initially was not properly linked to my educational background and my first work experiences (I’ve got a master’s degree in electronic engineering). I liked to combine technical knowledge of the machines with the political aspects of advocacy.

Do you have any insights or advice for other women who may not know this industry as a potential sector for them? 

The materials handling industry can offer many opportunities to women with a technical background. It encompasses several different roles, from design engineering to quality, logistic, sales, supply chain and service, which are not typically considered by women for their career. The complexity of this sector can help in gaining experience which will be valuable outside of this industry also.

Do you have any insights into what could be done to encourage more women into this sector?

First, don’t be afraid to approach a male-dominated world like this. It has got challenges and you’ll need to overcome some scepticism, but my suggestion is to be persistent and show your determination and expertise.

What do you as a woman bring to the industry?

Diversity (all kinds) ensures big benefits to every industry. For instance, in the standardisation committees where I sit, bringing different points of view and ideas generated by an uneven group of people contributes to taking better decisions.

In your role, how do you see you are contributing to building a sustainable future?

As standard maker and stakeholder for industry legislative advocacy, I am involved in many themes such as circular economy, environmental sustainability, etc. These themes are at the top of our agenda due to the deep impact that they have on the medium and long-term goals for our industry and our lives.

Where do you see yourself in five years? What is the big goal? 

I see myself continuing to take on new challenges, providing my contribution in overcoming them.

Download the interview here.