EU type-approval & BREXIT: no time to lose!

EU type-approval & BREXIT: no time to lose!

FEM has submitted its response to the Commission consultation on the proposal for a Regulation complementing EU type-approval legislation with regard to the UK withdrawal from the EU(BREXIT preparedness).

FEM particularly calls on the co-legislators to adopt this Regulation as quickly as possible to ensure that manufacturers and EU type-approval authorities make the necessary arrangements for a transfer of the UK type-approvals to the EU-27 ones, in time before the withdrawal date when the UK leaves the European Union (29 March 2018).

FEM also points out the need for further clarification and improvement of the text regarding:

  • clarifying the cases when a renewed type approval is obligatory,
  • addressing the issue of production in stock, and
  • providing grounds for the request to repeat tests already carried out when obtaining the UK type approval.

The full text of the FEM paper is available in the General Publications section (Position Papers)