Christophe Lautray becomes Vice President of Orgalim

Christophe Lautray becomes Vice President of Orgalim

On 26 June, Christophe Lautray Managing Director of Linde Material Handling and FEM Former President, was appointed Vice President of Orgalim, representing Europe’s Technology Industries. Together with the President and the Deputy President, the Vice President is to represent Orgalim externally in dialogue with European decision makers at the highest level. Internally, they are responsible for strategic agenda setting for the association.

These new appointments are set to reinforce Orgalim’s governance for the coming years, complemented by the formalisation of a Presidents’ Board composed of CEO-level representatives of European technology companies. They will also strengthen Orgalim’s engagement with policy stakeholders in a decisive period for Europe and its technology industries.

Taken as a whole, the sectors Orgalim represents account for a third of all European industry”, commented Christophe Lautrey. “Combined with the fact that they are global innovation leaders, it is clear they need be at the heart of setting the EU industrial policy agenda”.

In the next two years, Christophe will be able to share his experience and vision of the European materials handling industry and address its challenges at Orgalim’s level. This nomination also illustrates the close relationship between Orgalim and FEM. FEM is an associate member of Orgalim and  the two associations work very closely on many topics (Machinery Directive, Radio Equipment, Outdoor Noise, Digital agenda…).

About Orgalim
Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries: companies that innovate at the crossroads of digital and physical technology. Our industries develop and manufacture the products, systems and services that enable a prosperous and sustainable future. Ranging from large globally active corporations to regionally anchored small and medium-sized enterprises, the companies we represent directly employ 11 million people across Europe and generate an annual turnover of around €2,000 billion.