Building the European data economy

FEM has replied to the European Commission’s public consultation on “Building the European data economy”.

Most types of materials handling equipment have become smart and connected, and thus generate substantial quantities of industrial data. Data has now become an essential innovation driver that creates better machines, new services and new business models. Our companies have generally embraced the digital revolution; some are driving it.

In this context, European and national frameworks must be more supportive and preserve companies’ ability to make the most of the opportunities that digitisation offers.

To this end, bearing in mind that materials handling equipment manufacturers operate exclusively in a B2B environment, FEM defends 4 basic yet essential principles:

1- Preserving the freedom of contract
2- Removing unjustified national requirements on data localisation
3- Preserving the right to licence (or not) the use of non-personal data
4- Providing guidance on data ownership and management

FEM contribution