Big challenges and big opportunities for manufacturers in Europe

Big challenges and big opportunities for manufacturers in Europe

FEM Secretary General, Olivier Janin, spoke with Forklift Action about about new trends, challenges and opportunities for manufacturers of materials handling equipment, in a market that is seeing rapid growth.

This growth is being driven by industrialisation, increased demand for automation and the surge of e-commerce, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, although COVID-19 helped to increase demand for equipment, the pandemic also brought challenges. Manufacturers were under pressure to increase production in an environment with disrupted supply chains, transport problems and workforce challenges.

In a period of conflicting demands and uncertainty, making decisions within a company is no easy task. Despite this, manufacturers have responded to challenges by adapting operations. As stated by Olivier, ”changing some business practices, European companies are leveraging their strengths, in particular their track record in the production of safe, environmentally friendly and reliable products, and their innovation capabilities.”

In leveraging the challenges to become opportunities, there are three key theme to note in the changing landscape!

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