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Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Cranes and Lifting Equipment / Appareils et Equipements de Levage / Krane und Hebezeuge


The Product Group Cranes & Lifting Equipment has competence in the field of:

  • Lifting Equipment (EOT) and Hoisting Equipment: overhead Travelling cranes all types, underhung travelling cranes, jib cranes, revolving column cranes, wall cranes, goliath cranes of all types, cranes equipped with series lifting equipment, electric hoists and winches, belt hoists, electric chain hoists, pneumatic hoists, manually controlled load manipulating devices.
  • Tower and Harbour Cranes (THC): tower cranes, derrick cranes, floating cranes, site cranes, harbour and shipyard cranes, offshore cranes, container cranes, loading bays.
  • Mobile Cranes (MC): lorry loader cranes and mobile cranes.


  • Provide an European Forum to elaborate on technical and economical matters in collaboration with other organizations worldwide serving the same goal.
  • Representation of special members’ interest.
  • Development of technical documents and guidelines on European level (e.g. FEM documents and Position Papers) to promote technologies and expertise.
  • Development of statistics.
  • Provide information on the activities of the European Union and international bodies of direct relevance to the operations of reengineering to its members.


  • PG Cranes & Lifting Equipment Plenary and Board
  • Sub Groups: Lifting Equipment (EOT) and Hoisting Equipment; Tower and Harbour Cranes(THC); Mobile Cranes (MC).

Note: Merged from former FEM Section I Heavy Lifting Equipment, Section V Mobile Cranes and IX (partly) Series Lifting equipment on 11 September 2004, Dresden (Germany).


Companies actively involved in the Product Group


Work in Progress

  • Tower and Harbour Cranes (THC) focuses on CEN/TC 147 WG P 2 and ISO/TC 96 SC 7, Machinery Directive 2006/ 42/ EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, CEN/TC 147 WG 2 and liaises with the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) and ISO/TC 96 SC 7.
  • Lifting Equipment (EOT) works on statistics for EOT and Hoisting Equipment, several FEM documents and focuses on CEN/TC 147-Cranes, CENT/TC 168, ISO/TC 96 and IEC standards which are of interest for the Sub Group, foreign standards, laws, rules, tax systems.
  • Mobile Cranes (MC) focuses the mind on the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, Engine Exhaust Emissions Directive 97/68/EC, Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC, Temporary work at Height Directive 2001/45/EC, road regulation, CEN/TC 147 WG P 1 and ISO/TC 96 SC 6 standards and liaises with American and Japanese Associations.


Liaison with

  • CEN/TC 147 – Cranes – Safety
    Scope: Development and maintenance of safety standards for the design, manufacture and information to be provided.
  • Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE)
    Scope: CECE is the acknowledged partner of the institutions of the European Union for all questions related to construction equipment and the construction equipment industry.
  • ISO/TC 96 – Cranes
    Scope: Standardization in the field of cranes and related equipment.
  • International Crane Stakeholders Assembly (ICSA)
    Members : Association of Equipment Manufacturers [AEM], Crane Industry Council of Australia [CICA], The European Association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes [ESTA], European Federation of Material Handling [FEM], Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association [SC&RA], China Construction Machinery Association [CCMA]
    Facilitate information sharing and meaningful dialogue between crane industry stakeholders on safety, technical and regulatory issues of concern to the international crane industry.
    Provide an environment for, and encourage the creation of, significant networking opportunities between industry stakeholders and promote consensus positions on behalf of the crane industry on issues of common concern, so that ICSA members can make representation to relevant regulatory and | or standardization bodies.
    Promote the harmonization of international standards.


Free ICSA Technical Document

N 001 Guidance - Leaving mobile cranes unattended in [partially] erected mode 03/2014


Free FEM Technical Documents

FEM 1.007 Recommendations to maintain Tower Cranes in Safe Conditions - English version, German version, French version 11/2003
FEM 5.014

External Warning signals of the Rated Capacity Limiter, speed reductions and Event Recorder for mobile cranes - English version

FEM 5.016 Guideline - Safety Issues in Wind Turbine Installation and Transportation - English version, German version, French version, Italian version, Spanish version, Portuguese version, Turkish version 02/2013
FEM 5.018

Event Recorder – Specifications - Mobile Cranes according to EN13000 - English version

FEM 5.019

A brief guide for identification of non-compliant Mobile Cranes - marking of machinery, documents, features - English version

FEM 5.020

Guideline - hydraulic hoses on mobile cranes


Click here to download a complete list of FEM technical documents. Documents not available for free download can be ordered from


Position Papers & Press Releases

  Tower Cranes Lifetime 12/2013
  Lifting Persons with Tower Cranes 11/2013
N 0069 Guidance on application of WEEE2 & RoHS2 to EOTs - English, German 03/2014
N 0075 Guideline : CE-Declaration - Crane systems connected in Buildings or free standing supporting structures 12/2014
N 0089 A brief guide for identification of non-compliant winches and hoists 09/2015
N 0211 EN 13000 Cranes - Mobile Cranes: Standard to be published 04/2010
N 0219 Mobile Cranes - Influence of wind forces during crane operation 04/2010
N 0241 Putting Mobile Cranes on the Market 09/2010
N 0284 Lifting Persons with Mobile Cranes - English version 05/2011
N 0284 Lifting Persons with Mobile Cranes - German version 05/2011
N 0284 Lifting Persons with Mobile Cranes - French version 05/2011
N 0308 Overload Testing of Mobile Cranes 09/2011
N 0442 Guidance on Lifting Persons with Mobile Cranes (N 0284 - English version) 02/2012
N 0485 Mobile cranes: CE marking & engine emissions 02/2013
N 0513 Indication of stability limits in capacity charts of mobile cranes 12/2012
N 0521 Mobile cranes: Diesel emissions - retrofit of particulate filters 02/2013
N 0616

FEM 5.014 – “Guideline - External Warning signals of the Rated Capacity Limiter, speed reductions and Event Recorder for mobile cranes”; March 2013

N 0617

FEM 5.018 – Guideline “Event Recorder – Specifications - Mobile Cranes according to EN13000 -”; March 2013

N 0654

Mobile Cranes - External Warning Signals

N 0660

Mobile cranes - position on the revision of Directive 97/68/EC on exhaust emissions from NRMM


Guidelines for considering tower crane loads on supporting structures

N 0731

EN 13000:2010+A1:2014: Cranes- Mobile Cranes

N 0732 Study on the impact of new engine emissions requirements on mobile cranes 03/2015


Guide for Identification of Non-Compliant Tower Cranes and Mobile Cranes -  details are available on the Market Surveillance page



Juha Erikkilä, Erikkilä (Finland)


Associations: France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey.


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