Industry recognised as an essential partner for market surveillance

Efficient and effective market surveillance is absolutely essential for the materials handling industry. Indeed, it ensures that a level playing field can be maintained for those companies that have made sizeable investments to be compliant with a variety of EU legal requirements. In addition, it is necessary to achieve the EU regulatory objectives in terms of safety, environmental protection and resource efficiency.

Therefore, FEM welcomes the proposed revision of the current market surveillance framework with the aim of achieving smart enforcement and a uniform approach to monitoring compliance.

FEM particularly appreciates the proposals around closer cooperation between market surveillance authorities and the industry. Designating a person responsible for compliance information, organising common activities and sharing intelligence are concrete proposals that will certainly increase the current system’s effectiveness.

Moreover, FEM has stressed on numerous occasions the importance of enhancing the cooperation and coordination between enforcement authorities, as well as between market surveillance authorities and customs. We are very glad to see that these requests have been taken on board and are reflected in the proposal.

Olivier Janin, Secretary General of FEM: “The Commission’s proposal is a much awaited step in the right direction. We are pleased to see that the industry is recognised as a partner of market surveillance authorities, as compliance is a shared objective. We hope that this issue will be high on the agenda of the next Bulgarian and Austrian Presidencies so that the package can be adopted before the end of this Parliament’s legislature”.