FEM Industry Leaders – Interview with Ernesto Domínguez

FEM Industry  Leaders – Interview with Ernesto Domínguez


To take a deep dive into key topics for our industry, FEM is carrying out a series of interviews with materials handling industry leaders. So far we have spoken to Jos De Vuyst, former FEM President and CEO of STOW, Gordon Riske, former President of the FEM Industrial Trucks Product Group and CEO of KION group, and Pierre Marol, President of the Alstef Group.

We now continue our series, speaking with Ernesto Domínguez, CEO of Toyota Material Handling Europe.

In this interview, Ernesto shares with us his story, from his degree in law at the University of Barcelona to his position as CEO at Toyota Material Handling Europe, as well as his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities our industry will experience in the coming years and how to adapt.

Read the full interview 👉 HERE.