FEM MEWPS PG – new guideline on exiting and/or re-entering at height.

The FEM MEWPS PG has published the new guideline FEM 12.003 – Mobile Elevating Work Platform – Information & suitability for the task of exiting and/or re-entering at height.

The document deals with criteria for the selection of a Mobile Elevating Work Platform for tasks which require exiting and/or re-entering at height, a kind of use which is not considered by the standard EN 280 (Mobile elevating work platforms – Design calculations – Stability criteria – Construction – Safety – Examinations and tests) as intended use for MEWPs.

The document is primarily addressed to MEWP users who intend using a MEWP for exiting and/or re-entering at height but also to MEWP manufacturers, to provide them with useful information to help in applying correctly the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.