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New ICSA guidance documents

The International Crane Stakeholders Assembly (ICSA) has just published 3 guidance documents: Leaving mobile cranes unattended Lifting of a load with several mobile cranes Lifting of persons with mobile cranes The 3 documents are available for free download on the Cranes & Lifting Equipment page

Safe use of fibre ropes in mobile cranes

The FEM Product Group Cranes and Lifting Equipment is working on a guideline “Safe Use of High Performance Synthetic Fibre Ropes on Mobile Cranes”. As increasing usage shows, modern fibre ropes, manufactured out of high performance synthetic fibres, are starting to be a promising alternative to the prevalent wire ropes. For wire ropes, substantial experience… Read more »

Revised FEM 9.001 “Guideline / Terminology – Dictionary Storage and Retrieval Machines”

The FEM document 9.001 is a dictionary: it provides a list of words and terms, which occur in  connection with high-bay warehousing. It provides the translation, first, from German into English and, then, from English into German. The FEM document 9.001 is available for 9,90 € (incl. VAT) at See the list of technical… Read more »

FEM guide on vehicle restraining devices

The FEM Product Group Elevating Equipment has published a guide “Vehicle Restraining Devices – Safety and Performances” . This document defines safety, performance and use recommendations with regard to the application of vehicle restraining devices. The purpose of this document is to provide a uniform means of comparison, improve user confidence and knowledge, and define… Read more »