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Technical Documents & Publications

European harmonisation of internal market legislation through the so-called new and old approach directives applicable to the FEM industries (Machinery, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Pressure Equipment, Explosive Atmosphere …), and to a certain extent through environmental requirements (Noise Emissions for Outdoor Equipment, Emissions from Non-road Mobile Machinery…) has increased the need for standards and technical guidelines.

To ensure optimum safety and full compliance with legal requirements, FEM has made and continues to make an important contribution to the work of standardisation bodies CEN/ISO, by attending meetings and drafting recommendations on the technical issues and aspects of direct relevance to the FEM industries. Many of these recommendations form the backbone of established CEN/ISO standards. Others give guidance to engineers for design and construction of safe, durable and ergonomic handling equipment.

Some technical documents are available for free download. For more information please see the webpage of the relevant Product Group.

Click here to download a list of FEM technical documents in the following product families (documents not available for free download can be ordered from

  • Heavy lifting and handling equipment
  • Continuous handling equipment
  • Industrial trucks
  • Mobile cranes
  • Series lifting equipment, storage and retrieval machines

For FEM Technical documents for the Racking and Shelving product group please click here.

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