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Racking & Shelving


This Product Group represents the interests of manufacturers of :

  • Adjustable Pallet Racking for general or specialised warehouse use
  • Drive in Racking for more specialised bulk storage
  • Push Back Racking for Higher Density storage at relatively low height levels
  • Gravity Live Storage Racking and Shelving for first in first out utilization
  • Mobile Racking and Shelving for high density low turn round systems
  • Clip together Metal Shelving systems for general storage purposes
  • Library Shelving for book and other storage in archives and elsewhere
  • Bolted Slotted angle for the construction of storage and other Systems
  • Plastic Storage Containers, Steel Lockers and Cupboards
  • Mezzanines together with Rack or Shelving supported floors


  • To represent, promote and protect the interests of the European racking, shelving and related products industry
  • To establish a source of information for manufacturers, control organizations, users, teaching bodies and government authorities
  • To facilitate European discussion about technical, commercial and economic storage equipment and methods issues
  • To facilitate European collaboration on definition and classification of equipment, terminology, development of standards, quality, market data, and research and development
  • To publish a range of studies and documents promoting better utilization of storage equipment
  • To promote any other activity of value to manufacturers and users


The Product Group operates through an annual Plenary meeting, Technical Committee and ad hoc Working Groups. Current officers of the Product Group are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Technical Committee Chairman
  • Deputy Technical Committee Chairman
  • CEN TC344 Chairman
  • Representatives from 4 member Associations
  • Secretary General

The Product Group was formally established as the “European Racking Federation” (ERF) in UK Company law in September 2004.

The list of all racking and shelving companies represented by the Product Group is available on ERF website

Work in progress

The work plan envisaged in 2013/2014 includes:-

  • Meetings of working group for revision of EN15512
  • Meetings of working group for revision of EN15620
  • Completion of the FEM Cantilever Code
  • Completion of the EN15512 Worked Example
  • Work on the FEM High Rise Shelving Code
  • Liaison meetings with FEM Industrial Trucks Product Group
  • Liaison meetings with FEM Intralogistic Systems Product Group



Tony Gresham Jones, Whittan Storage Systems


Associations/companies in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Turkey, Russia & Romania. There are also two Associate Members being from Australia and Egypt.


Colin Hinton
Secretary General
European Racking Federation            
Purwell Cottage, Purwell Lane
Hitchin, Herts SG4 0NF

Tel +44 1462 454296
Fax +44 1462 454296
Email info[at]erfed[dot]org

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