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Intralogistic Systems


The Intralogistic Systems Product Group is a horizontal Group within FEM. It does address single materials handling product and complete turnkey systems. It focuses on automation, control and IT, and integration of several types of materials handling equipment into one system.
The Intralogistic Systems Product Group is open to system integrators and suppliers of complete systems (companies signing turnkey contracts). The Group will invite FEM suppliers of individual materials handling products to cooperate on interfaces between their equipment and complete systems.


  • Provide an international forum to elaborate on technical and business matters
  • Develop reliable market transparency on the basis of statistical data received from the participants
  • Develop technical rules and guidelines at a European level
  • Define interface and communication standards
  • Define consistent technical language


  • A Plenary and a Board
  • the General Secretariat (Orgalime)
  • the Technical Secretariat (VDMA)
  • the Working Groups


Companies actively involved in the Product Group


Annual Factsheet


Work in progress

  • Fundamental Guidelines for Performance “Reliability – Availability – Maintainability (RAM)”.
  • Guidelines & Technical Recommendations: the Product Group regularly updates existing texts and drafts new guidelines & recommendations relating to the design and use of equipment.
  • Statistics: the FEM Intralogistic Systems Product Group carries out a yearly exercise to gather statistics for “Order Intake Intralogistic Systems - OIIS” and international statistics for S/R-Machines. The aim of the OIIS statistics is to register certain markets taking into account the place of installation of the Intralogistic System.
    The statistics started in 2005, and the Product Group makes available a factsheet presenting an indexed overview of the results and evolutions.
  • Energy & Environment: the Product Group has been involved in a study on the energy & environmental impacts of intralogistic systems. This study is in German and is available for free download in two parts : Part 1 and Part 2.


Technical Documents

FEM 9.001 Terminology - Dictionary Storage and Retrieval Machines (free) 1997
FEM 9.101 Terminology - Storage and Retrieval Machines - Definitions (free) 1997 
FEM 9.221 Performance data of storage and retrieval machines. Reliability. Availability (free) - English, French, German 1981
FEM 9.222 Rules for the acceptance and availability of installations with storage and retrieval machines and other equipment (free) - English, French, German 1989
FEM 9.223 Basic data and criteria for the construction of automatic high bay warehouses with distribution systems (€17.85) - English, German 2003
FEM 9.311 Rules for the design of storage and retrieval machines: structures (free) - English, French, German 1978
FEM 9.512 Rules for the design of storage and retrieval machines: mechanisms (free) - English, German 1997
FEM 9.754 Safety rules for automatic miniload storage and retrieval machines (free) - English, French, German 1988
FEM 9.831 Basis of calculations for storage and retrieval machines - Tolerances, deformations and clearances in the storage system Part 1: General, Single deep and Double deep Beam Pallet racking (€178.50) - English, German 2012
FEM 9.832 Basis of calculations for storage and retrieval machines. Tolerances. Deformations and clearances in automatic small parts warehouses (not silo design) (free) - English, French, German 2001
FEM 9.841/10.2.10 Storage systems with rail-dependent storage and retrieval equipment - interfaces (€119) - English, German 2012 
FEM 9.842/10.2.11  Rail dependent storage and retrieval systems  - Consideration of accidental kinetic energy action in compliance with EN 528 (€178.50) - English 2014
FEM 9.851 Performance data of storage and retrieval machines: cycle times (€17.85) - English, French, German 2003
FEM 9.871 Logbook for storage and retrieval machines and transfer devices (free) - English, French, German 1997
FEM 9.881 Project planning data for selection of drives for storage and retrieval machines (free) - English, French, German 2000




Mr Jan van der Velden, Vanderlande Industries Nederland Bv


Manufacturers in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Technical Secretary

Johannes Rehner
Lyoner Strasse 18
DE - 60528

Tel +49 69 66 03 15 09
Fax +49 69 66 03 25 09
Email johannes[dot]rehner[at]vdma[dot]org

General Secretary

Anne-Claire Rasselet
Diamant Building
Boulevard A. Reyers 80
B-1030 Brussels

Tel +32 2 706 8236
Fax +32 2 706 8250
Email anne-claire[dot]rasselet[at]orgalime[dot]org

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