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Environmental Impacts of intralogistic systems
The research project “Environmental Impacts of Material Handling Equipment in Intralogistic Systems” undertaken by the leading German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is now completed and available in German on the Intralogistic Systems Product Group page under “Work in Progress”. Several companies active in the FEM Product Group Intralogistic Systems were involved in the project which looked at environmental aspects and improvement/optimization potentials of intralogistic systems.
The research project has analysed, quantified and evaluated environmental aspects of intralogistic systems. A comprehensive list of environmental aspects was created and these aspects can emerge directly at the machines or via the corresponding upstream chains at the supply of energy or resources.
In the subproject material handling equipment for storage and retrieval process showed that environmental impacts are mainly experienced during the use phase. The same observation was made regarding conveyors in warehouse technology. Values observed for intralogistic systems are however much lower than those of other product groups, such as electric motors or household washing machines.
Thanks to these investigations, intralogistic systems manufacturers are now aware of environmental impacts, improvement potentials and machine optimization possibilities.

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