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FEM President Jan van der Velden took part in a seminar during the INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA (powsered by CeMAT) exhibition on 20 May 2015 in Milan. Mr. van der Velden spoke at a seminar on the theme "Materials handling in a modern and sustainable industry".

FEM presentation is available HERE

FEM Congress 2014

FEM 2014 Congress took place on 17-18 September 2014 in York (UK). Below you will find the presentations given during the Regulatory Review and the conference on Megatrends in Logistics and Distribution.


FEM Regulatory Review

Megatrends in Logistics and Distribution



FEM President speaks at international construction equipment congress
On 20 September 2013, FEM President Jan van der Velden spoke at the World Economic Forum during the 2013 International Construction Equipment Congress held in Istanbul. FEM was invited by its Turkish member ISDER.

Mr. van der Velden gave some mega-trends in the European materials handling market and commented on the Turkish market. His presentation is available HERE

Market surveillance: preserving a Competitive Machinery Industry in Europe
FEM, together with other machinery industries, co-organised an event to discuss the recently presented Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package on 20 March 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Whilst presenting the challenges of non-compliance for the materials handling industry, FEM President Jan van der Velden welcomed the Commission's proposal and stressed the key role that the industry ought to play to ensure an effective implementation. He also pointed out that: "[a]s good as the EU framework set by the Regulation can and hopefully will be, market surveillance remains the task and competence of Member States. The system will only be fully effective if Member States are ready to commit the necessary human and financial resources."

Alan McIntyre, President of the FEM Product Group Mobile Elevating Work Platforms reminded participants of the costs of compliance and the resulting temptation of not following the rules: "The emission change to stage 3b [of the NRMM Exhaust Emissions Directive] increases the cost of the complete engine package by 80-100%. (...) We can fairly easily deduce that if we did not comply with the regulations it would be commercially advantageous to be able to place less costly machines on the market or maintain profit margin. (...) So for those that do fully comply we need to be sure that we are competing fairly in the market."

You can find below the following documents:

Manufacturing a greener and stronger Europe

FEM President Jan van der Velden, Vice-President Massimo Riggio and Past President John Meale attended the official launch of the Orgalime/CEEMET Manifesto “Manufacturing a stronger and greener Europe”. The Manifesto is a response to the recently published European Commission Communication on Industrial Policy. The Manifesto was officially presented to European Commission’s President José Manuel Barroso.


John Meale took the opportunity of the event and notably the large attendance of European Commission and Parliament officials to alert them on the risks posed to European manufacturing jobs by weak market surveillance. Indeed the unfair competition resulting from ineffective market surveillance hinders European companies’ competitiveness, ultimately threatening the jobs they provide. The message was well received, notably by the IMCO Committee Chairman MEP Malcolm Harbour.

FEM Congress 2012

FEM 2012 Congress attracted some 200 participants from 19 countries. Below you will find the presentations given during the Economic and Technical Conferences, as well as during the CEO Breakfast.

Economic Conference


Technical Conference - Part 1: market surveillance

Technical Conference - Part 2: energy & resource efficiency


CEO Breakfast


Conference on Market Surveillance for machinery

On 24 November 2011, over 200 delegates from the EU Institutions, industry and Member States attended a European Commission's conference dedicated to market surveillance for machinery. You will find below the statements & presentations given by various speakers from the European materials handling industry:


Presentation by Ambrogio Bollini, CESAB, President of FEM Industrial Trucks Product Group
Statement by John Meale, Thorworld Industries, President of FEM
Presentation by Markus Jung, Hänel
Presentation by Philippe Cohet, Manitowoc

The conference also saw the official launch of the Market Surveillance Industry's Support Platform, an industry initiative of which FEM is part.

Calendar of FEM Events





8 March FEM Executive Committee Brussels (BE)
9 March FEM Board Brussels (BE)
9 March FEM Task Force on EU Directives Brussels (BE)
3 May FEM Executive Committee at CeMAT Hanover (DE)
3 May FEM Board at CeMAT Hanover (DE)



FEM 2010 Congress in Istanbul (updated)

33rd FEM Congress

30 September - 2 October 2010
Istanbul, Turkey

Below you will find all the presentations given at the Congress

Presidents' Forum of the Alliance of Industrial trucks Associations
Welcome by Mr. Rizanour Meral, President of ISDER (Turkey)
- Presentation by Mr. Jeff Rufener, President of ITA (US)
- Presentation by Mr. Susumu Isoda, President of JIVA (Japan)
- Presentation by Mr. Zhang Dejin, Vice-President of CITA (China)
- Presentation by Mr. Ambrogio Bollini, President of FEM Industrial Trucks Product Group

Economic Workshop
- Presentation by Mr. Ziya Altunyaldiz, Vice-Undersecretary, Turkish Republic Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade
- Presentation by Mr. Rizanour Meral, President of ISDER
- Presentation by Dr. Ralph Wiechers, Chief Economist, VDMA
- Presentation by Mr. Peter Günther, Managing Director Materials Handling and Logistic Technology, VDMA

Technical Workshop
Session 1: Seismic aspects for warehouses
- Presentation by Mr. Kees Tilburg, FEM Racking & Shelving Product Group
- Presentation by Prof. Teoman Pekoz, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University

Session 2: Market surveillance for materials handling products
- Presentation by Mr. Sürfyan Emiroglu, General Director, Turkish Ministry of Industry & Trade
- Presentation by Ms. Alexandra Jour-Schröder, Head of Unit Mechanical, Electrical and Telecom Equipment, DG Enterprise & Industry, European Commission

CEO Breakfast
- Presentation by Mr. Yavuz Caveni, Chairman, TEB/BNP Paribas, Turkey

VDMA Lagertechnik 2010

"Lagertechnik: Technik, Perspektiven, Sicherheit"
10 Juni 2010, VDMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main

Flyer Infotag Lagertechnik

FEM 2008 Congress in Cannes

The 32nd FEM Congress took place in Cannes from 18 to 20 September 2008, organised by the French National Committee of FEM, CISMA.
The opening ceremony followed by a dinner has been held on Thursday 18th September after a working afternoon for the FEM Product Groups, and the next morning was dedicated to the plenary meetings of the FEM Product Groups.
The highlight of this Congress was a “horizontal session” during the afternoon of Friday 19th September. It comprised 2 workshops followed by panel discussions.
The first workshop attempted to depict and identify economic opportunities offered by Eastern European countries and Russia.

The second workshop took a more technical angle and tried to trigger discussions around CEN & ISO standards, FEM recommendations and their possible combined future.

Finally the afternoon ended with a special guest who gave us another view on how to “reach the top” in your respective businesses: the French alpinist Catherine Destivelle.

The Congress ended with a closing dinner at the invitation of Pierre Marol, CISMA’s President, on the evening of Friday 19th September, and our traditional yet popular CEO breakfast, with a presentation by Denis Ferrand from Coe-Rexede on the World economic situation and economic forecast 2008-2009.
The General Assembly on Saturday 20th September concluded the 3-day Congress, and included an address by Adrian Harris, Secretary General of the European Engineering Industry Association (Orgalime) and an address by John Nofsinger, CEO of Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA).

We would like to thank all participants for joining this congress, and CISMA for this well organized and fruitful congress.

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul from 29 Sept. to 3 Oct. 2010.