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Cranes & Lifting Equipment

  • 16/09/2010 - Position paper on "putting mobile cranes on the market
    The Product Group has adopted a Position Paper addressing the problem of placing used mobile cranes on the EU market for the first time.
    12/04/2010 - Standard EN 13000 (Cranes - Mobile Cranes) to be published
    EN 13000 standard will be finalised by July 2010. Compliance with the standard will give mobile cranes a presumption of conformity according to the new machinery Directive. For more information, inclusing an overview of the main changes compared to the 2004 version, see PG CLE press release.
  •  12/04/2010 - Influence of wind forces during mobile cranes operations
    FEM & ESTA remind about basic safety requirements when operating a mobile crane under wind forces. See PG CLE & ESTA joint press release
  • 24/03/2010 - Mr. Grobs retires from FEM activities
    Mr. Otmar Buhmann, President of FEM Product Group “Cranes & Lifting Equipment” thanks Mr. Grobs for his many years of active and valuable involvement in the work of the PG. See PG CLE press release available in both German and English.


Elevating Equipment

  • 23/07/2009 - Two guidance documents to help the users or the equipment to ensure continuing safety during it's lifetime have been published. Entitled "Periodic Inspection of Lift Tables" and "Periodic Inspection of Dock Levellers" they show what checks and tests should be done by a competent person every year or as required by national legislation. Available from the PG Secretary.
  • 23/07/2009 - A Summary of the EN standards for Lift Tables, Dock Levellers and Tail Lifts for Vehicles has also been published. It shows the benefits to the manufacturer, purchaser and user of following the harmonised technical standards that ensure all safety issues have been addressed during the design and manufacturing process. Available from the PG Secretary.


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Mobile Elevating Work Platforms


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