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Mission & Objectives

FEM strongly supports the completion of the single market and actively promotes the vital conditions in which its industries can flourish: competitiveness and innovation. The European materials handling industry supports all initiatives aimed at creating and maintaining a strong and innovative European industry, while guaranteeing fair competition and fostering international trade. It is committed to improve safety at work, and to act for sustainable development and energy efficiency.


The FEM mission is to represent the technical, economic and political interests of the industry, and communicate with the European institutions on its concerns and needs. FEM aims at developing a network to allow efficient exchange of information between its members and its product groups, and elaborate and defend common positions on matters affecting its industrial base. FEM encourages technical progress and safety at work through the establishment of guidelines and business codes. FEM also cooperates with other industrial sectors and international trade partners on issues of common interest.


  • encouraging technical progress, safety at work, sustainable development and energy efficiency in the field of material handling
  • proactively developing technical standards at international and European levels
  • providing implementation guidance on European directives applicable to its industry
  • safeguarding the interests of the industry, particularly competitiveness and innovation
  • communicating with European institutions and stakeholders and advising them on material handling questions
  • promoting and encouraging cooperation among the manufacturers of material handling equipment in Europe and worldwide

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